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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Promote and protect the health of the people of Nolan County. Resources will be directed towards prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections to include HIV and AIDS.


What Are STIs?

STIs can spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Some STIs can also spread:

  • by skin to skin contact with infected sores
  • through contact with blood or body fluids
  • by sharing needles or syringes

STIs affect millions each year.


Many STIs may have no signs.

An infected person may seem healthy and still pass an STI to you!

Services Provided by STI Program
  • Administrative and medical consultation
  • Surveillance and reporting
  • Clinical services for treatment
  • Partner notification
  • STI and HIV Education
  • Selected STI medications
  • HIV/STI prevention
  • HIV/STI treatment referral