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301 East 12th St. - Sweetwater, Texas 79556


Jamie Mena, RN

Health Department Director

Lilia Melendez, LVN

Family Planning/Immunization Nurse

Tanja Jennings, LVN

AmTrac Specialist

Virginia Guerreo

Administrative Assistant Immunizations

Shelia Ellison, LVN

PHEP Secretary Epidemiology Nurse

Donna Stewart

PHEP and SNS Coordinator

Kay Hamlin

PHEP and Family Planning Bookkeeper

Linda Kite

PHPC, Health Inspector & Water Lab Tech

Richard Acuna

PHEP Trainer

Don Ware– Lab Director
Kathleen Phillipp,MD  -Family Planning Medical Authority
Jennifer Liedtke, MD -SNCHD Medical Authority
Stevie Short -Pharmacist in Charge