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Boosted Americans 97 times less likely to die from covid

Fully vaccinated Americans are 14 times less likely to die of COVID-19 than those who haven’t gotten the shots. Boosted Americans are 97 times less likely.

Those were the figures presented Wednesday by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on reports from 25 jurisdictions in the week ending Dec. 4. For every 100,000 people, 9.7 of those who were unvaccinated were killed by the coronavirus, compared to 0.7 of those fully vaccinated and 0.1 of the boosted.

She said more recent information during the omicron wave further underscores the value of getting boosted, prompting Dr. Anthony Fauci to say, “The data are really stunningly obvious why a booster is really very important.’’

They spoke at a briefing by the White House COVID-19 response team, during which Walensky confirmed the omicron surge is abating, with new infections nationwide down 36% to a daily average of 446,000 compared to the previous week, and hospitalizations dropping 14% to 17,100. Those are still stunningly high numbers, though, and deaths have risen 4% to 2,300 a day.

This information is from an article published by USA Today by Jorge L. OrtizJohn BaconCelina Tebor.